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Mary Carter's Easy Caramel Turtle's

1 Lb. Peter's Caramel
1 Lb. Clasen Creamy Milk Chocolate
1 Tablespoon of Paramount Crystals
1 Lb. of Chopped Pecans

Step 1: Melt Peter's Caramel* in a double boiler* on the stove on low heat. When melted take off heat. Use caution handling heated caramel.

Step 2: Line a cookie sheet with parchment paper*. Fill pan with chopped pecans forming a 1/2 inch bed of nuts on the entire pan.

Step 3: Using 2 teaspoons deposit melted caramel onto the bed fo nuts to make caramel nut clusters. Portion approximately 1 teaspoons of caramel per deposit. Do not allow caramel clusters to flow together. When cookie sheet is full, put in freezer for a few minutes to set caramel.

Step 4: Carefully remove caramel nut clusters from the bed of nuts, one at a time, dipping into melted chocolate* completely using a dipping fork*. Carefully place onto a parchment lined cookie sheet. Let them set up room temperature.

When working with caramel use parchment paper, not wax paper, because caramel will stick to the wax paper.

Melt candy and paramount crystals together, melt over hot tap water until melted. Do not put on stove or microwave.

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